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Traditional Childrens Songs

We wanted to come up with something special that wasn’t available anywhere else… at least, not for FREE. So we have selected a whole bunch of great traditional children’s favorites…songs that have been around for many years. Songs that children, and their parents, and their grandparents and even great-grandparents might all remember and love from their childhood. They may have sung them around the campfire, or at vacation bible school…almost anywhere!


Then, we tapped some friends of ours…Noelle Shearer and John Morgan…to help us out. Noelle has been described by many has having the voice of an angel (we agree!)… and John is primarily known for his acoustic guitar work, but sings a bit as well. As parents/grandparents themselves, they had a lot of fun recording these songs…as you’ll hear on some of the recordings (especially when the songs take the occasional unexpected turn!). These songs are available for free download in MP3 format…no strings attached. Put ’em on your MP3 player, play ’em on your computer or burn ’em to a CD to listen on a boombox or in the car. Have fun learning these songs!

And, if you really love these songs, check out this great CD of songs by Noelle & John called Happy Children, Happy Day. It includes some other great favorites that are not available for free download here!

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